Routine elective procedures (such as spays and castrations) are often being booked 5-7 working days ahead.

Non routine procedures, if you have been advised by one of our vets, please notify reception staff of the when you call. If the procedure has been recomended by another practice, after contacting the other practice we may need to examine your animal, before booking the procedure.

Price Estimates

We are always happy to give an estimate for your pets procedure. You should bear in mind that factors found during the procedure may alter the final price.

If the alteration is significant, we will try and contact and notify you during the procedure.

Pre-Operative Procedure Instructions

Please ensure that the patient has no food overnight before the anaesthetic. Ideally the meal the night before should be given early evening, definitely before 10.00pm.

Should be available overnight but removed when you get up.

A chance to empty bowel and bladder but no heavy exercise.

What will happen on the day:
On arrival at the surgery you will be asked to sign a form giving your consent to the anaesthesia. If a vet is available a pre operative check will be carried out before you leave, otherwise this will be done before we progress with the procedure. The patient will be placed into a secure cage or kennel. Before the procedure the patient will be weighed to enable us to calculate the drug dosages. For older animals we will, with your permission, carry out a preanaesthetic blood test. A premedication dose will be given and then the main anaesthetic administered a little time later. During the procedure heart and respiratory rates will be monitored. After the procedure the patient is monitored until we are happy that they are ready to go home.

Anaesthetics used:
We are committed to using the safest anaesthetic drugs. At the moment we believe these to be Propofol for induction in dogs, and Propofol or a combination of Metomidine, butarphanol and ketamine for induction in cats and rabbits. Maintenance is with Isoflourane. Whilst these drugs cost slightly more than some of the older agents still in use, we believe the advantages of their use far outweighs the slight increase in cost occurred.

Post Operative Care

After the procedure the patient will be returned to you awake but may be slightly drowsy the first evening. The first night they should be kept warm and quiet. They can be a bit “hungover” so please don’t allow children to pester them. A light meal and small drink should be offered. Exercise should be gentle over the first few days, typically until sutures are removed. Cats in particular should be kept in for the first night.

Please remember to present the patient for any postoperative checks requested. Other, more specific, instructions may be given when you collect the patient. In that case please follow the instructions given then if they clash with these.

If you call a vet out of hours, please bear in mind that they may have just worked a full day shift AND will probably be doing another full shift the following day.

Please be aware that out of hours visits and consultations have a surcharge.

Please dont call a vet out for routine or minor matters.

Appointment Times
Please Ring 01834 860378 for Appointments